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DFI Foodservice offers you a choice in portion-control sweeteners: Our time-honored brands, Domino®,C&H®, and Florida Crystals® OR promote your brand logo on our products through our custom label branding program.Either way, you get the perfect combination of quality, variety and value.

Custom branding offers promotional advantages for your brand. It is ideal for: extra advertising, sponsorships, corporate identity, special events and giveaways. When promoting tabletop, your brand goes directly into the hands of your customers and allows you to offer the entire line of trusted, quality sweeteners.

Custom Branding Program


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Our custom label branding program makes good business sense when looking for ways to market your brand. See all of our available products for customization, here.  


You can also contact your sales representative or contact DFI Foodservice, here.

For more information, download the "Custom Your Brand" Sell Sheet.