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DFI Foodservice is dedicated to your sweetener needs. We have solutions, tools and ideas that will help you build your business.

Custom Products

The Choice is Yours: DFI Foodservice offers you a choice in portion-control sweeteners: Our time-honored brands, Domino® Sugar, C&H® Sugar and Florida Crystals® OR promote your brand logo on our products through our custom label branding program. Either way, you get the perfect combination of quality, variety, and cost savings. Learn more.


DFI Foodservice understands knowledge is power. Knowing the right sweetener conversion rates and equivalents allows you to experiment with recipes and feel comfortable with the end result. What is the ideal amount of sugar to add to your dispenser for sweet tea or lemonade?

Click here to access our library of conversion charts, beverage sweetening tables and more.

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DFI Foodservice delivers the perfect combination of quality, variety, versatility and value with our portfolio of sweetener products. We have sweetener solutions that meet the specific needs of your segment: Restaurant, Convenience, Quick Serve, Beverages, Coffee Service & Vending, Colleges & Universities, and Travel & Leisure.