Sage Latte

Sage Latte

Herbal flavors are a hot trend in espresso drinks. Our sage syrup made with Florida Crystals® organic raw cane sugar adds earthy richness to this latte.

Sage Latte
1 serving
Sage Syrup (Yields 20 oz)
  • 20 grams dried sage
  • 400 grams hot water
  • 400 grams Florida Crystals® Organic Raw Cane Sugar
Sage Latte
  • 1 oz (4 pumps) sage syrup
  • 2 shots brewed espresso
  • 8 oz whole milk
Sage Syrup

Combine all ingredients and steep for 3 hours. Finished syrup has a shelf life of 3 days.

Sage Latte

Step 1

Add sage syrup to cup.

Step 2

Brew 2 shots of espresso and pour into cup.

Step 3

For iced latte: Add cold whole milk with ice.

For hot latte: Steam whole milk to 150°F and add to cup.