Cinnamon Cortadito


A spiced-up version of a Cuban espresso, this short version of a café con leche adds sweetness and the creaminess of milk to balance out the strong espresso flavor. A dash of cinnamon adds extra spice to this ideal after-dinner beverage.

Cinnamon Cortadito
1 serving
Cinnamon Cortadito
  • 2 teaspoon Florida Crystals® Organic Raw Cane Sugar
  • 1 shot espresso
  • 2 ounces milk
  • 1 dash cinnamon

Step 1

Grind half dose of espresso into portafilter. Sprinkle on 2 teaspoons of sugar and grind other half dose of espresso on top.

Step 2

Level, tamp, and pull shot into 4-ounce cup.

Step 3

Steam 2 ounces of milk and pour on top of sweetened espresso. Garnish with cinnamon and serve.