Domino® Pure Cane Granulated Sugar - 4 lb. Bale*


Generations of experienced bakers and professional chefs know what works, what tastes best, and what bakes best. They use DFI Foodservice Brands. Our Granulated Pure Cane Sugar is extra fine granulated, free-flowing and of the highest quality. It is a versatile sugar product. This all-purpose sugar is ideal for: Back-of-house use for baking, preserving, canning, and for sweetening beverages. Use one 4 lb. bag to sweeten a 4 gallon beverage dispenser. It easily makes the perfect Sweet Tea or Lemonade. You can also fill your sugar dispenser for use in teas, coffees and cereals. *Product specifications vary based on refinery from where supplied. Speak to your sales representative for details.


  • Back of House,Beverages



Brand Size Sap Case Pack Net Weight Lbs. Gross weight Per Pallet Tihi Case Dimension(LxWxH) Unit (Cube)
Domino 4 lbs. Bale 400368 10 40 41 60 10X6 20x9x7.5 0.76