C&H® Pure Cane Baker's Sugar - 50 lb. Bag


At C&H® Sugar, crafting sugar and happiness has been our mission since 1906. Back then, when we were known simply as California & Hawaiian, our experts dedicated themselves to quality, earning a respect that remains intact for over a century.

Baker's Special Sugar is professional-grade with superior dispersion characteristics and is specially made for baking, as its ultra-fine grain size mixes, blends, and melts more evenly. Made for bakers and chefs across the country, Baker's Special is painstakingly screened to make sure the crystal size is remarkably uniform. Additionally, it’s ultra-refined for the highest grade of purity available in the industry.

It’s ideal for all sorts of baked goods and confectionaries including cakes, cookies, pastries, brownies, frostings, and glazes.


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Brand Size Material # Case Pack Net Weight Lbs. Gross weight Per Pallet Tihi Case dimensions (DxWxH) Unit (Cube)
C&H 50 lbs. poly-lined bag 404700 1 50 51 50 5X10 4x15x26.5 0.91