C&H® Pure Cane Granulated Sugar - 20 Oz. Canister


Choose the brand your customers trust for their sweetening needs. Our C&H® 20 oz. canisters contain pure cane granulated sugar and are a perfect sweetening solution for self-service beverage stations. Packed 24 canisters to a case, these canisters allow your customers to sweeten their hot or cold beverages to their desired taste.


  • Beverages,Coffee Service & Vending,Tabletop


Brand Size Sap Case Pack Net Weight Lbs. Gross weight Per Pallet Tihi Case Dimension(LxWxH) Unit (Cube)
C&H 20 ounce canisters 406472 24 30 34.1 49 7X7 19.5x12.88x7.5 1.1