Florida Crystals® Turbinado Cane Sugar 44 oz. Jug


Our Turbinado Cane Sugar features large, amber crystals that make it particularly suitable for sweetening hot beverages, as they melt slowly and infuse their rich aroma and distinct earthy flavor into every sip. Our homegrown Turbinado sugar is equally delicious as a topping, providing an extra sweet crunch when sprinkled on baked goods, oatmeal or yogurt.


  • Back of House


  • Non-GMO
  • Vegan
  • Kosher


Brand Size Sap Case Pack Net Weight Lbs. Gross weight Per Pallet Tihi Case Dimension(LxWxH) Unit (Cube)
Florida Crystals 44 ounce jug 407852 6 16.5 18.8 90 15x6 9.82 x 12.64 x 8.45 0.61