new look

New look.
Same great Domino® Sugar.

Discover Domino® Sugar’s newly updated logo and updated packaging designs. On the outside, you’ll find a bold, beautiful new look that’s just a touch more modern than you might expect. But on the inside, you’ll find the same high-quality sugar we’ve been crafting for 120 years. 

Introducing Our Fresh New Look

For over 100 years, Domino® Sugar has been a trusted and preferred brand of generations of consumers and culinary professionals.  We know how familiar you are with the brand, which is why we approached this redesign knowing it was important to retain the brand assets associated with Domino Sugar for more than a century, including visual assets such as colors, the angle of the brandmark, and the iconic “D”.

While maintaining its classic angle and iconic "D", Domino Sugar's logo now includes “Crafted by Experts Since 1901” to reinforce our heritage and pride.  Our classic yellow has been softened, and the design has been updated with modern features.  You'll notice we've also added a sugar crystal to the “i” in our name.  

Another change is that many Domino Sugar products will now feature a how-to-recycle logo, which shows how to recycle our packaging in the most efficient and environmentally friendly way.

The result is a design aesthetic that at once harkens back to our rich history while also charting a path to our future. We hope you are as proud and excited as we are for this next chapter for Domino Sugar.


Confectioners Is Now Powdered

Out with the Confectioners Sugar, in with Domino® Powdered Sugar. It’s still superfine, perfectly sweet and ideally suited for frostings, icings, or dusting – only the name has changed.

Meet Powdered

Great Moments in Domino History

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