Frozen Desserts

In frozen desserts, sugar functions to balance flavors and mouth-feel. Since low temperatures tend to numb the taste buds, sugar acts to enhance flavors, thereby eliminating the need for additional flavor ingredients.

  • Flavors and Mouth-Feel
    In frozen desserts, sugar increases the viscosity (thickness), which helps impart a thick, creamy mouth-feel. It provides a clean, sweet taste. In frozen desserts flavored with added fruit, sugar also acts to balance their acidity.

    About 16% sugar, by weight, is recommended for ice cream. Somewhat higher proportions of sugar are used for lower fat desserts, such as ice milk and sherbet, in order to counterbalance the reduced amount of butterfat. When cream is replaced with lower fat ingredients, such as milk or fruit puree, additional sugar is necessary to ensure a smooth, creamy mouth-feel and balanced flavor.
  • Freezing Point
    Frozen desserts are made by freezing a liquid mixture of sugar with cream, milk, fruit juices or purees. In the liquid mixture, the dissolved sugar's ability to attract and hold water diminishes the water available for water crystallization during freezing. As a result, the freezing point of the liquid mixture is lowered. Since less "free" water is available, the ice crystals that form tend to be smaller.

    As part of the liquid mixture begins to freeze, the sugar in the remaining unfrozen solution becomes more concentrated, further lowering the freezing point of the remaining unfrozen solution. Therefore, a temperature much lower than the freezing point of the liquid mixture is used to ensure rapid, consistent cooling. This combination of a lower freezing point provided by the dissolved sugar and colder than freezing temperature produces a frozen product with tiny ice crystals. Tiny ice crystals give the frozen dessert its smooth, creamy texture. Large crystals are undesirable because they impart a "gritty" or "sandy" texture to the frozen dessert. Closely following the recipe procedures during the hardening and storing of frozen desserts are the final steps to achieving a high-quality frozen dessert.

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