About Pure Cane Granulated Sugar

Sugar has only 15 calories per teaspoon.

"Sugar", pure and simple, is as perfect as nature’s sweetener gets. For balancing taste and flavor in foods from apple pie to tomato sauces to zucchini bread, it’s the sweetener made by nature that you can trust for your family. And it’s only 15 calories per teaspoon!

Sugar Calorie Guide
Sugar (Serving size) Calories
Table Sugar, 1 level teaspoon (4g) 15
Table Sugar, 1 heaping teaspoon (6g) 25
Table Sugar, 1 cup 770
Table Sugar, average (1 cube) 25
Icing Sugar, 1 average tablespoon (12g) 48
Sugar is a carbohydrate that is created naturally in all fruits and vegetables. It is produced during the process of photosynthesis by which plants capture sunlight and convert it into food and energy.
Sugar, properly stored (tightly closed and in a dry place), has an indefinite shelf life because it does not support microbial growth.
Superfine sugar is finely pulverized granulated sugar that dissolves completely in cold drinks and is recommended for delicate desserts such as meringues, mousses and soufflés, or for sprinkling on fruit and cereal.
Tablets are a full teaspoon serving size, while Dots® are approximately a half-teaspoon size.
The slits are a by-product of the process used to wrap each individual tablet. Much like wrapping a gift, a device is used to keep the sugar cube in place. Upon release, a slight slit remains in the paper.

Granulated Sugar is highly refined white sugar. Over the years, the Granulated Sugar product line has expanded to include a variety of forms and packages such as: Dots® Sugar Cubes, Tablets, Packets, and Superfine, which is a more finely granulated sugar that dissolves almost instantly in beverages and cooking.

Granulated sugar will harden when exposed to any type of moisture. Here is an easy way to make hardened granulated sugar soft again -- preheat oven to lowest temperature, 150 - 200°F. Remove sugar from the package and put in an ovenproof container that will hold the sugar. Place in the warm oven for approximately 15 minutes. Tap sugar with a spoon. If it starts to fall apart, turn oven off and leave sugar in the oven for an hour or two to completely dry out. Always store granulated sugar in an airtight container.