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About Domino® Sugar

Since 1901, Domino® Sugar has maintained a commitment to quality, a passion for craftsmanship and a dedication to sweetening the lives of countless bakers.


Our products are trusted by everyone from home bakers to professional chefs to perform flawlessly when it matters most. That’s why those who understand the importance of high-quality ingredients turn to the experts at Domino® Sugar.

We work just as hard today as we did back in 1901 to guarantee that each and every time you reach for a bag of Domino® Sugar, you’re getting the quality and consistency you expect. We do this to ensure that your recipes turn out perfectly meal after meal, year after year. That’s our promise to you, and our way of saying thank you for choosing Domino® Sugar. People who choose the best, choose Domino®.

120 Years of Innovation

It Starts With Sugarcane

Every product we make starts with stalks of sugarcane, pressed to release their coveted sweetness, also known as pure cane juice, that is then crystalized into raw sugar. From there, our experts are able to turn this single crop into an array of delicious Domino® Sugar products. Food scientists, corporate chefs and engineers with decades of experience collaborate, then craft each batch to the highest standards.

Designed for Professionals

From the pure, ultra-fine sweetness of Domino® Powdered Sugar to the rich molasses flavor of Domino® Dark Brown Sugar, diverse tastes and textures are achieved. This gives passionate culinary professionals like you the flexibility to be creative in the kitchen, trusting that performance will always exceed your expectations.  

New Look, Same Great Sugar

Domino® Sugar continues to innovate to meet the needs of today’s customers. We’ve recently updated our design and packaging, making it easier to spot the products you love while retaining many of the unique attributes our customers have associated with Domino Sugar for over a century.

Our Domino Sugar Products

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Domino Sugar Has a Fresh New Look

On the outside, you’ll find a bold, beautiful new look that’s just a touch more modern than you might expect. But on the inside, you’ll find the same high-quality sugar we’ve been crafting for 120 years.

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Great Moments in Domino History

Take a trip down memory lane and see how Domino Sugar packaging has evolved through the decades.